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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Friday, May 16, 2014

PROJECT CAMELOT --Fora da Alçada da Majestic: DAN BURISCH sem censura – Parte 1

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Parte 1 – Fora da Alçada da MAJESTIC: Dan Burisch sem censura

Uma entrevista gravada em vídeo com Dan Burisch - Parte 1

Las Vegas, Julho 2006

Filmada, gravada e dirigida por Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Dan Burisch: Sim, por natureza sou um solitário. As pessoas vão compreendê-lo muito em breve... Bem, você sabe, também há outra coisa. Durante os últimos 20 anos, estive sob o foco de tantas cameras...

Marci McDowell: Ou mais...

D: Estou na altura onde isso está bem.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome to the May Gathering around the Pond, Sunday May 4

Even if only an illusion......

Welcome to the May Gathering around the Pond, Sunday May 4

Beloved family of light!

This Sunday, at 21:00 Oslo time, it is once again time for anotherGathering around the Pond. It is exactly one year since we had our very first group meditation, and I think it is a perfect occasion to celebrate ourselves. For WE are the ones who are making this happen, WE are the ones who by allowing ourselves to soak up all of this light is making it pour out into the rest of this world, and WE are the ones who have made these Gatherings and this Pond grow into such a vibrant, loving source of light. So thank you dear brothers and sisters, you are shining examples for all by the way that you continue to shine your light no matter what challenges you face, and for the way you continue to share so generously of your LOVE! I am really looking forward to connecting with every single one of you during this Gathering, and in the time ahead. I know that you will all continue to shine your light as only you can :-)

Here is what The constant companions have to say about this Gathering:

“As you are perhaps already aware, these communal get-togethers that you stage monthly have been an ever increasing source of enlightenment, and not just for each individual partaking in these communal showers of light, but also for this planet of yours. This will perhaps not be news to any of you, but again, it bears repeating that what you accomplish by connecting collectively to this formidable grid that you have been so instrumental in setting up, is nothing short of magnificent. For through this grid, and indeed through your physical bodies runs such a powerful stream of enlightened particles, particles that will make their mark on anyone and anything they connect with. And so, not only will each one of you continue to benefit directly from what will be downloaded during these next couple of days, you will also keep benefiting indirectly from these heavenly messengers in the time ahead.

For just as ripples spread across the surface of a body of water, so too will these ripples of light continue to spread ever outwards from your little gathering place, and as such, this small spot where you all get together to pool your energies is in a matter of fact far, far larger than what you perhaps think. For as we have told you before, your sphere of influence has grown to such a degree, it is virtually world-encompassing by now, and what started out as small collection of pinpricks of light dotting your planet in a delicate filigree of light has grown into a huge and powerful web of light encompassing you all, and beyond.

For what you do, you do not do just for you, you do it for all, and again for this, we cannot thank you enough. For you have given all that you are to All of creation, and as such, you are indeed the providers of light to millions of souls on this planet, and without you, the light quotient on this planet would be a much feebler affair. For remember what you do here on a regular basis also dovetails with what many other groups such as this one do at other times and in other venues, and together, you form an impenetrable fortress of light that has already started to work its magic on those of your fellow men and women still unawares that work such as the one you are constantly engage in is happening at all on this planet. For the light that you so generously help to transmit reaches out far and wide, and every time you take time to sit down and truly focus this beam like you do on these monthly get-togethers, the effects of it will also increase manyfold.

And remember, you will all also benefit from this grand shower of light that will once again come your way – courtesy of you – and so, we think you will all find a way to be thankful for the gifts you keep giving by allowing yourself to receive these same contributions from above. For you are the ones that will make out the connection points between the incoming energies and your home, this blue planet swirling through space. And so, you are the ones that will make this planet take another huge step towards attaining that perfect, healthy glow that has been missing for such a long time, and alongside this planet, you will be the first ones to steep yourselves in the beautiful, peaceful bliss that this in turn will engender. For you are the pioneers in every way, and as such, you will also be amongst the first to savour the outcome from all of this hard work you have put down, not only for your own sake, but for everyone else’s too. For this is a collective effort in every sense of the word, and as you have once again agreed to take part in another of these collective get-togethers, you will also add your personal flavour to this brew of loving energy, and so, you will in many ways also put your hallmark on this occasion in some way. You are all individuals, deeply connected to all of the rest of the souls gathered here as a part of this human grid of lightworkers, but you are also one singular entity, unlike anyone else, and your frequential signature will interact with these incoming energies in a very unique way. So again, do not forget that your contribution will be unlike anyone else’s, and therefore, your experience during this event will also be unique, even if there will as usual be some overlapping memories shared between a number of you, enough to make you all see that this is truly a group effort. And so, what you will be bringing to this gathering will be unlike anyone else, and therefore, we ask you also to remember to thank yourself for being a part of this, and for adding your weight to the light end of the scale, helping it to tip ever faster in the direction of the light.

For you are indeed here to make this whole world, not just yourself, shine as if new,  and as such, you are already adding a large wattage to these proceeding just by your intent to take part in this. And remember, you will also be the beneficiary from this generous exchange of enlightened particles, so you need not worry that you will run dry. For the light that you help to spread out all over this globe will always pass through you first, and so, your thirst for enlightenment in every sense of the word will never go unquenched.

So take as deep a fill as you can, for the more you drink in, the more you help this grid to blaze ever brighter. So on behalf of All of creation it is once more our blessed duty to welcome you all to this informal but still very much formal occasion, where you will once again become the center of attention for so many light carrying messengers, all eager to find an open heart to be welcomed by. And we are certain they will have a whole host of you to choose between as usual. So as you sit down together this Sunday to greet these messengers from above, know that we will once more be present to watch in awe as you once again step up to the task of attracting the light into your very being, for then to make it all flow out into your beautiful, vibrant world that stands poised on the brink of coming into full flower once more.”

With love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha <3


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00
Helsinki: 22:00
Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM
New York: 03:00 PM
El Paso: 01:00 PM
Los Angeles: 12:00 PM
Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday
Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday
Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here:

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond

Even if only an illusion......

Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond

Dear family of light!

April has already turned out to be a BIG month energetically, and today, we will haveanother chance to dip into these powerful energies together. For at 21:00 Oslo time, we have another Gathering coming up, and I think we can expect it to be a powerful event. This is what The constant companions have to say about it:

“The time to reconnect to that vast energetic grid you call the Pond is once again upon you, and even if you are all deeply connected to these energetic filaments already, these monthly get-togethers serve to strengthen and deepen these bonds. Not only between every single individual already connected thus, but also to widen this river of energy that is running through you all. For you are all a part of a vast network of energetic pathways, and some of them run parallel to each other, while others merge at certain junctions. And so, you will all play more than one role is this energetic get-together, as you will have your own individual experience and indeed your own unique benefits from attending this “meeting”, but in addition, you will also work in cooperation with other members of this illustrious group.

For as you all connect to that same core connected to Source you do so in very unique ways, and as we have mentioned earlier, you can in many ways be likened to the individual players in a huge orchestra. And so, you will have your own specified part of the musical piece to play in order to make the whole composition come alive. And this means that you are the only one who can contribute just the right note at the exact right time in order for this whole composition to come together, and through an intricate cooperation between each and every one of you and all of the other individuals making up this celestial orchestra, you make it all come alive in a wondrous way. Sometimes you will play a solo, and sometimes, you will be part of a small or larger group constituting a section of the orchestra designated to play out one part of the score, and at other times the whole orchestra comes together in a magnificent display of talent and cooperation that is a delight to behold.

And today, you will all go through the whole range of roles. For not only will you play out your own beautiful solo piece within this gigantic symphony, you will cooperate with your fellow musicians in diverse ways, for then to end up in a truly magnificent crescendo of complexity and harmony, where your individual voices or notes will be woven together into a shining fabric of light that will cover this entire globe.

For remember, you in turn are part of an even larger orchestra, one that incorporates players on both sides of the veil and as such, the moment you all sit down individually to tune yourself up to begin this concert, All of creation will prick up their ears and many will start to follow suit. For they too play an important part in this orchestral maneuver, and even if many of you will have no recollection at all of seeing this grand orchestra coming together as one and playing out their masterpiece, others amongst you will once again be able to report from this important event afterwards.

So again we say thank you to each and every one of you for adding your beautiful voice to this magnificent piece of intergalactic cooperation, and know that those amongst us not fortunate enough to be chosen to play alongside you are more than happy to be able to simply sit and listen to the wonderful energetic masterpiece you will perform in a few hours from now. The audience is ready and waiting and your fellow musicians too, and so we bid you all welcome to another wonderful group event that will be played out under the stars in your very own concert hall, the one you have so carefully constructed together in order to make it such a harmonious, tranquil spot that it will serve to enhance every single note every single one of you will let ring out throughout this performance. It will be an ode to the light, performed by individuals who in themselves carry enough light to light up any stage, but when they come together, shine strong enough to outshine even your Sun.

So thank you for everything that you contribute to this piece of celestial music, for remember, without you, it would simply be like notations on a piece of paper, no more interesting to look at than squiggles adorning a manuscript. But thanks to you, it will come alive for the very first time, and we are all looking forward to the premiere performance of this piece, coming into existence through you and with the help of some wondrous energies the likes none of you have ever seen before. And that in itself is more than good enough reason for us all to eagerly await the commencement of your concert with even more anticipation than usual. So we say enjoy your moment in the limelight, for we think it will be one you will remember for a very long time, as it will be a delight not just for the spectators, but even more so for the grand collection of musicians taking part in this wonderful event.”


Thank you all for being a part of this amazing orchestra of light, I am really looking forward to the premiere of this “energetic masterpiece” we will create together. And to borrow Alex’ expression, I am certain we will ROCK :-)

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

Many regions are changing to or from Daylight Saving Time now so I do not include the usual list of local times that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time, but you can find your time here:

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this “galactic orchestra” during this Gathering.

Channeller: Aisha North

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



Como muitos de vocês já notaram, as persistentes sensações de vocês ficarem juntos, onde todos participaram alguns dias atrás, ainda são bastante difíceis de identificar corretamente, porque o que vocês fizeram fez parte disso, e foi de tal magnitude, nada como isto já foi encenada antes em qualquer lugar na Criação. E assim, gostaríamos de aproveitar esta oportunidade para, antes de tudo, agradecer a todos em nome de todos da criação para o que vocês tem feito, por isso não é nada menos que um milagre. Pois durante esse período de tempo, e isso está de fato ainda em curso agora, vocês conseguiram ligar tantas novas linhas de transformação, e quando dizemos transformação, queremos dizer de uma fusão de entre o antigo e o novo, de uma muito nova maneira. E o velho neste contexto significa simplesmente aquelas partes de vocês que vocês ficarem sem por um longo tempo, e com o novo, queremos dizer-lhes, esses seres brilhantes encaixados dentro de um corpo humano físico, mas que agora são compostos de tantos novos componentes, vamos a partir de agora se referir a vocês como os novos seres humanos.

Pois vocês não só conseguiram ancorar essas vastas quantidades de energia como nunca antes foi visto, e vocês também acolheram-na em vocês, de uma forma que é sem comparação. Nós sabemos que todos vocês tem algumas recordações mais ou menos vagas do que passaram durante este encontro, e como sempre, as imagens que vocês veem será aromatizado por sua própria configuração exclusiva. Mas arrisco a adivinhar que dessa vez, todos vocês vão ver muitas semelhanças nas diferentes versões de suas lembranças compiladas, e isto vai ajudar aqueles de vocês que acham que vocês não se lembram de alguma coisa por acreditar que vocês, de fato, fizeram parte de um evento coletivo magnífico que foi da maior importância.

Pois todos vocês estavam lá, acolhendo todos nós, de uma forma que só podemos recordar com carinho. Para lembrar, somos vocês, e vocês são nós, e agora, isto é mais verdadeiro do que nunca. Pois os portões foram abertos e vocês empurraram todas as portas do caminho, e agora, na verdade, um verdadeiro dilúvio de luz está fluindo para baixo sobre vocês e através de vocês. Portanto, este é realmente um momento de celebração, mas também um tempo de recalibração, por isso não culpo nenhum de vocês se tudo que vocês tem vontade de fazer, no momento, é recolher-se para uma forma de hibernação por algum tempo, é o melhor para encontrarem seu pé novamente. Porque nenhum de vocês são quem vocês eram há apenas alguns dias atrás, e agora, esta nova versão de vocês, e de fato de nós, começará a tornar-se cada vez mais visível nos próximos dias e semanas.

E lembrem-se, mesmo se houver aqueles em torno de você que ainda estão resistindo ao influxo da luz, e eles vão realmente continuar com o seu clamor e protestos em todos os tipos de formas, eles sabem que a luz está aqui com força total agora, muito obrigado a vocês. E essa luz nunca mais vai escurecer, nem virá tranquilamente. Então, esperamos alguns períodos bastante intensos de flutuações energéticas antes de todos vocês se adaptarem para este novo você. E desta vez, vocês vão achar que o novo você a que nos referimos, não é a sua antiga e restrita versão. Em vez disso, podemos usá-lo para dar outra conotação a palavra, aquele brincalhão, selvagem e livre, sem restrições pelos antigos limites, pronto e ansioso para começar a fazer as coisas se movendo em uma direção muito nova e um ritmo todo nova e muito mais edificante.

~ by Aisha North on March 04, 2014.

Channel: Aisha North

Tradutor: Adriano Pereira – Blog Luz e Vida

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

English -- A short update on the energies

A short update on the energies 

As many of you have already noted, the lingering sensations from the get together you were all a part of a few days ago are still rather difficult to correctly identify, for what you did take part in, was of such a magnitude, nothing like it has ever been staged before anywhere in Creation. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you all on behalf of All of creation for what you have accomplished, for it is nothing short of miraculous. For during that period of time, and this is indeed still going on now, you managed to hook up to so many new lines of transformation, and when we say transformation, we mean as in a merging together of old and new, in a very new way. And old in this context simply means those parts of you that you have been without for such a long time, and with new, we mean you, those shining beings encased within a physical human body, but who now are composed of so many new components, we will henceforth refer to you as the new humans.

For you have not only managed to anchor such vast amounts of energy as never before have been seen, you have also welcomed YOU into you, in a way that is without comparison. We know that you have all some more or less vague recollections of what you went through during this gathering, and as always, the images you see will be flavoured by your own unique setup. But we venture to guess that this time, you will all see so many similarities in the different versions of your compiled recollections, it will help those of you who think you do not remember anything at all to believe that you did indeed take part in a magnificent collective event that was of the highest importance.

For you were all there, welcoming us all in, in ways that we can only recall with fondness. For remember, we are you, and you are us, and now, that is more true than ever. For the gates have been opened and you have pushed the doors all the way up, and now, a veritable flood of light is streaming down on you and indeed through you. So this is indeed a time for celebration, but also a time for recalibration, so we do not fault any of you if all you feel like doing at the moment, is to go into a form of hibernation for a while, the better to find your footing again. For none of you are who you were merely a few days ago, and now, this brand new version of you, and indeed of us, will start to become more and more noticeable in the days and weeks ahead.

And remember, even if there are those around you still resisting the influx of the light, and they will indeed carry on with their hue and cry and protestations in all sorts of ways, know that the light is here in full force now, much thanks to you. And this light will never ever dim down, nor will it come quietly. So expect some rather intense periods of energetic fluctuations before you all settle fully into the new groove. And this time, you will find that the groove we refer to, is not the old restricting version of it. Rather, we use it to signify the other connotation of the word, the one that is playful, wild and free, unfettered by the old confines, ready and eager to start to get things moving in a very new direction and to a whole new and so much more uplifting beat.

Channeller: Aisha North



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E.T. contact meditation

This video was designed specifically as a visualization tool to assist in vectoring Extraterrestrials and their Consciously guided craft's to your location. Reaching out far into the Universe and guiding the ETs smoothly to your precise location using intention and visualization. You can go through the sequence many times over if you wish, for a period of 10-20 minutes after you have reached a meditative state.

Let your mind rest on, and then follow the tones as you move freely into a transcendental state.




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Canal: Kathryn E May, PsyD
02 de Agosto de 2013

O Criador Original Fala:

Meus Queridos, não falo muitas vezes directamente convosco, mas é uma época tão extraordinária que estou a aproveitar esta oportunidade para falar-vos mais sobre o vosso mundo, e como é importante que se concentrem completamente, agora, em erguer as vossas vibrações, especialmente aqueles que estiveram tão ocupados a trabalhar, a ganhar dinheiro para pagar as contas e cuidar da família.

Esse tempo terminou. Não haverá mais contas para pagar, mais problemas sobre como ireis alimentar as vossas famílias, educá-las ou sobreviver durante a vossa reforma. A vossa reforma será gloriosa, muito para além dos vossos sonhos mais ousados, não irá custar-vos nada e começa agora, seja qual for a vossa idade cronológica na Terra. Não será uma reforma/retirada da Vida, nem será a morte. Estais agora no limiar de uma viagem magnífica em direcção às estrelas.

Os vossos Irmãos e Irmãs estão precisamente à vossa espera. Olhem para o céu numa noite clara. Enviem-lhes saudações e eles irão fazer cintilar as luzes coloridas das suas naves para mostrar a sua felicidade, para vocês os verem, e em breve estarão aqui convosco, a caminhar entre vós, a abraçar-vos, a cantar hinos de celebrações convosco. Agora há milhares deles ao longo das linhas da rede que traz a energia do Cosmos, para erguer-vos e ensinar-vos o Amor e a Luz Sem Fim.


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