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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Manuscript of Survival - Part 227

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The manuscript of survival - Part 227 . November 24, 2012

As you have all been made aware of, the changes are starting to solidify, and even if they do so in a realm you are not yet fully privy to, they are literally taking place under your very hands. Let us explain.

You are not idle ones, dear souls, as you are building your new world piece by piece, soul by soul as we have already stated. It is by no means a small undertaking you have taken upon you, but your eagerness and your zeal, and most of all, your sheer numbers, have already ensured that what you at the moment only have a small inkling of, will soon blossom into a huge construction ready to shelter you all. As usual, the words we use will seem to be less than definite at times, but we know that you have all started to feel into this reality so we give you these simple words in order to start to describe them for you.

You are builders in every sense of the word, as not only is your nightly labour of love starting to piece together the different threads making up the fabric of your dreams, but you are energetically pulling in more and more building material to call it that from the very core of your universe. And by doing that, you are all speeding up this process in such a way you are actually not only astounding yourselves, but also us. You see, this process has been carefully planned out beforehand, but as it is you who are the ones making it all come together, it is also you who determine the length of this process. And you have already surpassed the expectations of all of us, and we all think you will continue to do so in this upcoming period. But as these processes go, it is not without its share of setbacks and frustrations, as any man building his own house can tell you. But never forget, this project is already a resounding success, so even if you all will encounter some sort of ”hiccup” along the way, rest assured that whatever it is, it cannot take away your dream from you.

In other words, this project you are all labouring so hard on making come true will do so, no matter what your mind thinks or what your body tells you in the time ahead. For this labour is nothing if not exhausting at times, and with this relentless surge of manifesting energy driving you all hard, you will be hard pressed not to feel like you have overreached yourselves at times, or even feel like you have been left out of some of it because you simply cannot keep up with the speediest ones. Do not fret dear ones, you are all in this, heart and soul, and your contribution will always be 100%, even if you at times feel almost like you are walking in your sleep during your waking hours. Remember, we are overseeing it all in order to aid you in this monumental creating process, so we see the glory you are manifesting every second of the way. You cannot see it clearly yet, you can only feel it in the weariness in your bones and the humming of joy in your heart, so we will be here alongside you, singing your praise in order to make you all remember what a majestic feat you are involved in.

Your dream is coming true, and you are the weavers of the strands pulling it all together, but just like a tiny little insect in a gigantic spiderweb, you do not have the ability to see your own masterpiece in all of its glory. But we do, and we see that what you have already created speaks of a finished construction that is glorious beyond words. So again, give yourselves a round of applause, lest you forget to commend yourselves for your herculean efforts. You need to do so at regular intervals, lest the physical fallout from all of this hard labour makes you blind to the glory of the magnificent structure you are creating. It is not only beautiful, but sturdy, so never think that what you are creating is a flimsy semblance of mere dreams. We are talking about your new reality, and that is not something that can be blown apart in any way, no matter how hard the winds will blow in the time ahead. So again we tell you, take time to celebrate your efforts dear ones, for so far, they cannot be described as anything but a resounding success.

 Channel: Aisha North

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Meus Queridos, não falo muitas vezes directamente convosco, mas é uma época tão extraordinária que estou a aproveitar esta oportunidade para falar-vos mais sobre o vosso mundo, e como é importante que se concentrem completamente, agora, em erguer as vossas vibrações, especialmente aqueles que estiveram tão ocupados a trabalhar, a ganhar dinheiro para pagar as contas e cuidar da família.

Esse tempo terminou. Não haverá mais contas para pagar, mais problemas sobre como ireis alimentar as vossas famílias, educá-las ou sobreviver durante a vossa reforma. A vossa reforma será gloriosa, muito para além dos vossos sonhos mais ousados, não irá custar-vos nada e começa agora, seja qual for a vossa idade cronológica na Terra. Não será uma reforma/retirada da Vida, nem será a morte. Estais agora no limiar de uma viagem magnífica em direcção às estrelas.

Os vossos Irmãos e Irmãs estão precisamente à vossa espera. Olhem para o céu numa noite clara. Enviem-lhes saudações e eles irão fazer cintilar as luzes coloridas das suas naves para mostrar a sua felicidade, para vocês os verem, e em breve estarão aqui convosco, a caminhar entre vós, a abraçar-vos, a cantar hinos de celebrações convosco. Agora há milhares deles ao longo das linhas da rede que traz a energia do Cosmos, para erguer-vos e ensinar-vos o Amor e a Luz Sem Fim.


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